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Luggage-made Industry Characteristics Oct 25, 2016

(A) luggage made to order production process is relatively simple

In the luggage manufacturing process, the production process compared to other manufacturing industries is relatively simple. Basically by the design, cutting, sewing and other processes composed of several.

(B) finished product manufacturing pollution is limited

Luggage customization In addition to leather, textile, plastics and other raw materials processing enterprises, the luggage industry within the production process less waste, hazardous substances and noise pollution, its finished product manufacturing on environmental pollution is very limited.

(C) is a labor-intensive industries

As the production process is relatively simple, most of the luggage-made products and raw materials, accessories and other manufacturers of modern mechanization is low, is a labor-intensive industries.

(D) small-scale enterprises within the industry

From the perspective of the size of enterprises, luggage industry, the scale of enterprises for hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises.