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Leather Processing Plant Commonly Used Leather Materials Which? Oct 25, 2016

Leather materials refers to the various materials used to make leather goods, lining, lining, adhesive tape, glue, side oil, sewing thread, zippers, accessories and other materials are leather processing plant in the production of large goods commonly used when the main accessories , Accounting costs, the cost of these materials will also be included.

Fabric is leather surface material, including leather, recycled leather, artificial leather (PVC, PU), canvas, chemical fiber cloth. Liner is used to set off the fabric and strengthen the structure of auxiliary materials, commonly used in black, white, gray cardboard, Japanese paper, Paper Paper, non-woven fabrics, artificial leather, sponge, Zhenzhu Mian, vitality plastic, PC board. Lining is the leather processing plants used to make leather space within the material, including canvas, chemical fiber cloth, non-woven fabrics, PU leather, pigskin and so on. Adhesive tape and glue is the material of the leather parts, including double-sided adhesive tape, wrinkle tape and PU glue, Wan Nengjiao, raw rubber, plastic powder, Ammonia glue, etc., of which glue and thinner toluene is easy Burning goods.