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How To Buy A Good Non-woven Bag To Promote The Company Nov 30, 2018

How to buy a good non-woven bag to promote the company
Many companies use non-woven bags to advertise. I summarize the two most obvious factors: low price and environmental protection. However, when it comes to cost and quality considerations, how can I choose a non-woven bag suitable for my company? It is especially important to make promotions and advertisements. Usually, an ideal non-woven bag must be considered from the following three points:
1. Advertising effect factors, the service life of a non-woven bag, design and layout, and the quality of the craft details directly affect the user's perception of the company's advertising and the brand image. Is a quality mobile billboard;
2, enterprise cost factors, non-woven environmental protection bags due to materials, printing, turning and other reasons, the quality is also high, medium and low grades, there are coated materials, embossed materials, laser film, hot stamping , silk screen, and many other processes, so the price is also high, medium and low points,

3, product matching factors, non-woven bags, styles, fabrics, colors with more and more market needs, more and more choices, how to choose the style, color, process is very important for your own products, Cartoon bags can not be used to hold mature products, bright colors can not be used to package serious products, chemical products can not be packaged food and other considerations.