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Middle-sized Insulated Lunch Bag

You could take it to office and beach, for hiking, camping and picnic.


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Double Compartment Lunch Bag

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What places you would take the cooler bag to?

--When you are lying in a beach seat,
--enjoying the beautiful scenery composed by sea, sand and bird.
--Something comes out from your mind when you suffer from heat wave,
--it must be some kind of cold liquid--beer or other drinks.
--Cold beer saves you from the heat waves,
--but you should save beer first by the cooler bag.

--"I don't need to take lunch to office." You would say.
--When you find only fast food stores around your office,
--or you have to drive to a very far far place for lunch,
--what would you do?
--Do you think fast food is good for your health?
--Or do you want to pay much money,
--and take much time to some store which supplies delicious food
--instead of having a nap after eating self-made food?

  Camping & Hiking
--Sometimes you don't want to back to crowded town from depopulated place,
--and you don't want to eat unfresh food,
--so the camping pal would help you.

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